Watermelon acts wonderfully on urinary tract infections
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Watermelon is a juicy, cooling fruit and is therefore very suitable for summer. Traditional Chinese diet therapy recommends watermelon to relieve thirst and hydrate the body in the summer, in addition, it can also clear heat and symptoms of urinary bladder infections. The health effects of watermelon are listed as follows:

1) Help relieve symptoms of urinary bladder infections
Watermelon is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It acts on the Urinary Bladder channels and clears heat and dampness by promoting urination to relieve the symptoms of Urinary Bladder Infections. Eating a handful of watermelon every day while you have a Urinary Bladder Infection, or you can have watermelon & celery juice – see the recipe below.

watermelon acts wonderfully on urinary tract infections

2) Clear Summer-Heat and body heat
During the hot summer, the body will be affected by the hot environment, causing the following symptoms:

Lack of energy
Dry skin
Hard stools
Scanty and dark urination
Red face
Emotional tension

During hot seasons, watermelon is a good food to relieve the heat, increase the fluid for the body, and help the body avoid suffering from heat-stroke. If you are eating fresh watermelon, the watermelon rind (the firm, crispy white part close to the skin) can also be eaten which can further help to clear body heat.

3) Help reduce blood pressure
Traditional Chinese diet therapy texts also mention that watermelon can help the body to pass more urine to help reduce blood pressure. Watermelon is especially good for high blood pressure with oedema (body swelling and puffiness) along with other symptoms mentioned above.

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