Natural home remedy for healing high blood pressure
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1) Hibiscus Tea
Medical trials performed recently show that blood pressure can be brought down by drinking hibiscus tea.  This was shown to be as effective as commonly prescribed drugs.  This tea is safe and does not normally cause any side effects unlike strong chemical drugs.  This popular tea is enjoyed around the world.  Make a cup of tea each day with 5 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers steeped in a cup of hot water for 20 minutes.

2) Raisins to Reduce Blood Pressure
Eating a handful of raisins each day will help to lower your blood pressure naturally and also help to prevent hypertension from ever becoming a problem for you. Raisins contain potassium which has been proven to be a natural home remedy and cure for healing high blood pressure. You can take a handful of raisins and eat them straight up as a snack or you can add them to hot or cold cereal.

natural home remedy for healing high blood pressure

Hibiscus Tea

3) Beet Juice
In a scientific study done by the University of Exiter and reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology, people who drink a glass or two of beet juice daily had their blood pressure going down dramatically within 24 hours. Beet juice is rich in nutrients that help our cardiovascular system thus improving the function of our heart and reducing blood pressure.  Beet juice improves blood flow by relaxing and dialating the blood vessels thus lowering blood pressure.  It also lowers the level of oxygen muscles require to perform physical activity.  This effect on the muscles makes beet juice effective for people of all ages and in any health status, to engage in both high and low intensity physical activities.  Researchers reported that persons who consumbed beet juice needed 12 percent less exertion to walk than person who did not have beet juice.  Researchers further compared beet juice in its whole form and juice that had its nitrates removed by filtering and the team was able to report that the naturally occurring nitrates are the main ingredient that provides elevated performance and heart activity.
4) Relaxation Techniques
If you are experiencing dizzy symptoms, and it seems like your blood is rushing to your head; I have a couple suggestions.  First, take a relaxing warm shower.  Follow this by lying down on your back with your head flat, not using a pillow.  Do this so that your head is at the same level as your heart.  Also do this in a dark and quiet room.  Try to stay calm and breathe deeply.
5) Lose Weight
Often people who experience hypertension are those who are overweight or obese.  When someone is overweight, they usually have a lot more hypertension and thus high blood pressure.  However, even if a person loses only half of their extra weight, they can restore their normal blood pressure.  A person should try to lose all the extra weight they can; but, whatever amount they do lose is going to be a helpful.
6) Reduce Salt Intake
You may be able to reduce your blood pressure with a simple natural home remedy by reducing your salt intake.  Some people are considered to be salt sensitive.  This means that the amount of salt they include in their diet could have an impact on their blood pressure level.  If you think you might be salt sensitive, try going on a low sodium diet and see what effect this has on your blood pressure.  It is recommended to cut down to about five grams of salt daily.  This is about half of what the average American uses in their diet.  Often times when someone reduces their salt intake, they discover that they actually don’t find a need to have as much salt as they previously used in their diet.  And, of course this is healthier for them.  This is a useful high blood pressure natural cure.

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