Relieve constipation by balancing the intestinal microbes
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1) Fiber
Constipation is the result of not having enough fiber in one's diet.  Furthermore, a variety of other diseases can result such as Diverticulitis, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins and more.  Many natural physicians throughout the ages have claimed that most disease begins in the colon.

2) Earthing
Grounding the body to the earth gives very powerful and profound health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases

relieve constipation by balancing the intestinal microbes

Intestinal microbes

3) Probiotic
A great home remedy to relieve constipation is to balance the intestinal microbes.  You can take a probiotic for this.  Also, comfrey, turkey rhubarb, red clover and don quai are good mild laxatives.  If you are really constipated and need to get things moving right away, the herb cascara sagrada will do it without any bad side effects.  Slippery elm and psyllium husk taken in water will add much needed fiber (for most people much needed) and will also cleans the colon.

4) Magnesium
I am in my mid-forties and been suffering from constipation since I was 25 after having my first son. I have tried fibers, prunes, bananas and various other fruits and green vegetables also stop eating meats and going veggie for couple years nothing worked. After an early morning run and having my devotion with God I said to Him I don\'t understand this, I eat healthy and nothing is working. All that came to my mind was magnesium. It was years later after the constipation got more severe I tried the magnesium and it worked. Of course there is a deeper problem why only magnesium works. I will get around to seeing a specialist soon.

5) Plenty of Fiber and Water
If you get plenty of fiber in your diet and drink plenty of water you will have good regular bowel movements.  This means cut out refined processed foods especially white flour products like bread and pasta.  Buy whole wheat products.  Eat more veggies.  Meat and dairy have no fiber whatsoever.  Also, guava, seeds and all, will add fiber.

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