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TCM theory of spiritual cultivation of mind with quietness
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Maintaining good health and pursuing a long life are regarded as unique characteristi in the long-standing and well-established traditional chinese culture. Science ancient times, many thinkers and medical sientists have noticed than spiritual cultivation is the key to health preservation. The theory of spiritual cultivation of mind with quietness, virtuecultivation, moderate sentiment and desire, internal oncentration of spirit, conformance with the four sesons, regulation of the heart spirit,etc. It reflects the conformance of "harmony" in health preservation. When one has tranquil mind content in nothingness, genuine qi will come in the wake of it; and when one concentrates one's spirit internally, how canany illness occur? Things have changed as time went on. However these thoughts with important practical value have been increasingly accepted by the modern society.

Cultivating the mind with Quietness refers to a mental state that is peaceful, relaxed, having fewer desires and pure, reflecting the thought of health preservation with a quiet mind in ancient China.

Health preservation and virtue emphasize the essential points of cultivation of character and health. To protect and maintain life needs to build character in order to reach the state of quietness and cheer .Through nature and virtue cultivation ,greediness and sentiment should be controlled to achieve the mental peace ,smooth flow of qi and blood, physical and mental health and a longer life. Many scholars in ancient China have noticed the close relationship among virtue, man's psychological state and life span.

In the regimen in TCM, "keeping the mind in the interior" is the base of disease prevention and treatment as well as the core of mind cultivation, from the angle of mind cultivation, restraints must be laid on the following points:
Restraint of excessive desire for wealth
Restraint of excessive pursuit of fame and benefits
Restraint of excessive sexuality
Removal of jealousy

Human's psychological activities, called moods or emotions in TCM, are the comprehensive responses of human nature to contact and understand the outside world. Emotion is the switch controlling the psychlogical changes of human,which propels the intuitive impulses of mind before the right judgment of reason.

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