Life cultivation in spring

Physical training
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Winter goes and spring comes. Ice and snow melt. Everything comes to life and is full of vigor in nature. "Man adapts to nature relevantly." With the arrival of spring, the yang qi of the human body begins to ascend and qi and blood tend to reach outwards. At this time, people should often exercise the body to accelerate the circulation of qi and blood. This can promote the realization of this tendency to inspire the enthusiasm. In severe winter, the air is dirty and the amount of exercise is also greatly reduced because people often stay indoors and seldom open the door and windows. Accordingly, people should leave indoors for the places with fresh air like the garden, square, forestry, riverside and mountain slope. They may play ball games, run, shadowbox, and do exercises.

physical training

People should not stick to the forms as long as they can exercise as much as possible according to personal likes. However, the point is that the amount of exercise should be moderate. This may be determined by the fact that people feel happy, relaxed and comfortable after the training. This can make the spring qi ascend and yang qi increase in an orderly way which meets the requirement of "nourishing yang in spring and summer". As far as old people are concerned, they may select some simple, easy and effective exercises like Taijiquan and eight-section brocade to promote the functional activities of qi of the human body. Learn more information, please read Relationship Between Lung and Kidney.

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