Chinese Cupping therapy helps relieve Periarthritis of shoulder

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In Chinese medicine, the affected location is the shoulder. Normal qi deficiency, defensive and" nutritive qi deficiency, decline of bones and tendons, recurring attacks of wind cold, or exhaustion, sprain, or prolonged bad postures can all lead to qi and blood stagnation in the tendons and channels surrounding the shoulders. After a period of time blockage and stagnation of local qi and blood give nse to damp heat which causes inflammation of the' joints and the inability to move the arms.

Location cupped and methods:
Acupoints selected: 1. Dazhui, Ashi Point 2. Shenshu (BL23), Jianzhu, Ashi Point. 3. Dazhui, Tianzhong, Ashi Point

Method: you could adopt cupping with the acupoints of each group. You should use three-edged needles to insert or use dermal needles to prick the acupoints and use cupping after flash of fire to suck them for ten minutes. Caution that you do it once a group and once a day. Otherwise, you can also daub some rheumatism oil or alcohol on the infected site and move the cup back and forth.

Besides, you can use cupping cups to suck the spots pressed pain of the infected side, or suck the same site of uninjured side as the infected side and then you should use needles to prick or adopt acucupping to suck the above acupoints for 20 minutes once a day. This method has remarkable curative effect for periarthritis of shoulder and it can remove the pain within 2-3 minutes as well as improve the function.

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