Cupping (Suction cup) treatment is effective for Impotence

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Traditional Chinese medicine holds that impotence is usually caused by excessive sexual activity, or masturbation, or anxiety, or timidity, susceptibility to fright and terror, which eventually impairs the kidney. Since the kidney governs reproduction, the impairment of the kidney may lead to impotence. It may also be caused by a congenital weakness of the body or weakness due to prolonged illness. So the treatment of impotence should focus on the primary causes, avoiding misusing tonics warm in nature.

Location cupped and methods:
Acupoints selected: Xinshu, Ganshu, Pishu, Shenshu, Ciliao, Guanyuan, Dahe, Zusanli (ST 36), Sanyinjiao (SP6), Fuliu (KI7)
Cupping method: you should adopt cupping and select cups to suck the above acupoints for 10-15 minutes once a day and ten times as a treatment period.

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