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Cupping Treatment for Angina pectoris

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In Chinese medicine, it is often caused by deficiency of normal, healthy qi, resulting in external pathogenic qi invading the chest, blocking the yang in the chest; or repressed emotions led to qi and blood stagnation:or improper diet, causing the accumulation of phlegm and turbid, cold yin, qi and blood stagnation, phlegmand turbid blocking the heart collateral. Or because of prolonged period of exhaustion, kidney deficiency in an old age, leading to loss of blood and weakened heart yang, resuhing in malnourishment of the heart, causing pain.

Location cupped and methods:
Acupoints selected: Zhiyang, Xinshu (BL15), Jujue, Shanzhong, Geshu (BL17).

Method: when the patient suffers angina pectoris attacks, you should insert a three-edge needle fast into Zhiyang acupoint until bleeding, and then suck the cup at the Zhiyang for 5 minutes after the flash of fire. By doing this, it will get the patient relieved rapidly. Otherwise, you could just use cupping jars to suck on the acupoints for 10 minutes after the flash of fire on the skin.

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