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Cupping Treatment for Bronchial Asthma

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TCM holds that bronchial catarrh belongs to asthma, which is latent phlegm retaining in the lung. It is caused by exogenous evil, food and drink, weariness, with whose influences the expectoration block the tube for oxygen, impairment of purifying and descending function of the lung causing short of breath.

Location cupped and methods
1) The period of onset
Acupoints selected: Fengmen (BL 12), Feishu (BL 13), Dazhui, Chize (LU5), Dingchuan (EX - B 1).
Methods: to those who suffer from this disease, belonging to cold fluid-retention, you should adopt the cupping to cup the acupoints of Fengmen, Feishu, Dazhui Shanzhong for 10 minutes one time a day. To those who suffer from fever of expectoration, you should administer twinkling cupping on Dingchuan 5-6 times until the skin turns red, and cup the acupoints of Feishu, Shanzhong, Chize using venesection cupping method. You should keep the cup sucking for 10 minutes and cup them one by one. Caution that do it once a day.

2) The paracmasis
Acupoints selected: Dazhui, Fengmen (BL 12), Feishu (BL 13), Shengzhu, Shanzhong, Zhongfu (LU1), Guanyuanshu (BL 26), Shenshu (BL23), Pishu (BL20), Zusanli (ST 36), and Du meridian on the back and the urinary bladder meridian passing though meridians.

Methods: on the paracmsis, you can use moving cupping on the Du meridian of the back and the urinary bladder meridian until the patient’s skin turns violet red. Or, you could use cupping jars to suck the above meridians or water vapor cupping to stay the cup. Caution that you do that for ten minutes one time a day. Whatelse, you can also apply cupping of venesection. You should locate the cups on the acupoints of Dazhui, Feishu, Pishu, Shenshu, or Shengzhu, Guanyuan, Shanzhong, Zhongfu as well. Then you should insert three-edge needles fast into the acupoints and use cups to suck them the moment you get the needles removed. Caution that you should choose one group each time and stay the cups for 10 minutes once a day.

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