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Cupping Treatment for Emphysema

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Pulmonary emphysema, similar to "pulmonary distension", "cough"and "phlegmatic fluid"in TCM, is usually caused by weakness due to prolonged disease and the attack of exoganous pathogenic factors. Pulmonary emphysema actually resulted from the combination of phlegmatic turbidiry, blood stasis and retention of fluid. It is often a syndrome characterized by the asthenia of the primary aspect and sthenia of the second aspect.

The location and methods of cupping
Acupoints selected: Da zhui, Feishu (BL 13), Sanzhong, Zusanli (ST 36)

Methods: you should cup on the Dazhui, Feishu, Shangzhong, Zusanli for fifteen minutes each time and one tiem a day.

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