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Cupping Treatment for Pulmonary tuberculosis

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Puhnonary tuberculosis, refered to pulmonary consumption in TCM, is acontagious bacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB).The lungs are primarily involved, but the infection can spread to other organs. The disease is characterized by cough, hemoptysis, and mild fever in the afternoon, night sweating and emaciation and treated with herbs for reinforcing qi and blood.

The location and methods of cupping

Acupoints selected: Tiantu, Tongqi, Shanzhong, Danshu (BL19) 

Methods: you can lay the patient down on his back and choose the acupoints of tiantu, tong qi, shanzhong to cup for 5-10 minutes. Otherwise you can choose the acupoint of danxue to cup for 10 minutes when the patient bends over. Cation that you should do like this one time a day or two.

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