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Cupping Treatment for Pulmonitis

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The location of pulmonitis is in the lung. The nature of the disease is phlegmatic heat. So the therapeutic principle of this disease is clearing away heat to remove toxic materials and to eliminate phlegm. This disease is caused by the internal transmission of wind and dampness. The combination of heat with phlegm impairs the pulmonary collaterals and leads to the dysfunction of the lung.
The location and methods of cupping

Acupoints selected: Dazhui, Shenshu (BL23), Feishu (BL 13)

Methods: when when dealing with this disease, cupping, venesection cupping, tiaochi cupping as well as skin acucupping come to your choice. You should get the acupoints needled and cup the acupoints for 10-15minutes after the flash of fire. Caution that you should do that one time each day. Besides, you can carry on cupping on the visible corresponding parts revealed in auscultating, such as parts of the right scapular region and inferior extremity of the right region pectoris. You should also keep the cup sucking for ten minutes once a day.

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