Treating Chronic gastritis with Chinese Cupping

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This disease belongs to the category of gastric abscess. In TCM, stomach is the large source of five-zang organs and six-fu organs full of moistness and intolerance to dryness. So when someone invaded by exogenous pathogen, internal damage, imbalance in will, overstrain, the stomach will be hurt, even leading to imbalance of weiqi, qi stasis and ache in weiwan.
Location cupped and methods:
Acupoints selected: Zhongwan, Liangmen (ST21), Zusanli (ST 36), Ganshu (BL 18), Pishu (BL20), Weishu (BL21) 

1) Sationary cupping: firstly, you should let the patient craming and use autovac or cups to suck on Ganshu, Pishu, Weishu acuptions for 10-15 minutes; secondly, you should let the patient lie down on his back and cup on the acuptions of Zhongwan, liangmen and Zusanli for 10-15 minutes; make sure that you do it once a day with 10times as one treatment period.

2) Accupping: you should use needles to prick the acupoints of Zhongwan, Liangmen, Zusanli, Ganshu, Weishu, and then choose the moderate cups to suck on the above acupoints for 10-15 minutes.

3) Moving cupping: you should spread quantum sufficit cream and oleamen to the back of the patient who is cramming. Then you should select some glass cups or bamboo cups to suck on his back after flash of fire. After this, you should move the cup forth and back for several times along the urinary bladder vessel of toot-taiyang in each side of back bone, with the focal point on Ganshu, Yaoshu, Weishu, until the skin turns red. At last, you should suck the cups on the acuptions of Ganshu, Pishu, Weishu for ten minutes.

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