The healthcare function of cupping therapy

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Cupping (suction cup) is good for muscle, pains and nerves

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Cupping relieves muscle fatigue and nervous tension
For those people who are absorbed in work and neglect rest or can not take enough rest due to objective reason, long-turn overstrain would lead to weakness and illness. Therefore, chronic strain of the neck and back muscles is often found in people working with their brains who bend their necks during working while muscle fatigue in the waist, leg, shoulder and elbow are usually found in manual workers. No matter where the fatigue locates, it can be relieved by cupping therapy. Manipulating cupping therapy on the fatigue and sore position can accelerate partial circulation of blood and re-circulation of lymphatic, strengthen nutrition supply of the partial tissue and promote discharge and dispelling of toxic materials, relieving the fatigue condition sequentially. Click here to learn Menopause in TCM.

The rhythm of the society has speed up nowadays. And there are fierce competitions among various occupations. Thus people are likely to feel fatigue physically and mentally and nervous tension due to imbalanced nutrition, serious pollution, decreased exercises and limited activity space. Medically, these feelings are termed as psychentonia syndromes. The cupping therapy can eliminate mental tension and mental fatigue. For example, cupping the bladder meridian can dredge qi in the five zang organs and six fu organs, improve the blood circulation, promote the supply of oxygen in the cerebral cortex and nutritional materials and the discharge of carbon dioxide and toxicities in the cerebral cortex. Besides, it can also stimulate the nervous centralis from the bottom of the spinal nerves, thus, it regulates functions and activities of nerves system and avoid or eliminate mental tension and mental fatigue condition. Click here to learn Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in TCM.

Cupping helps to eliminate pains
It is often found in TCM treatment that obstruction leads to pain while dredging results in painlessness. It is believed that pain is caused by obstruction and stagnation of meridian and collateral, qi and blood. Cupping therapy has the functions of dredging meridian and collateral, promoting the follow of qi and blood and eliminating obstruction and stagnation. Patients with common diseases can receive instant and relieve pain by adopting partial cupping treatment at their homes, such as acute lumber sprain, stiff neck and headache, etc. Therefore, cupping therapy can relieve pain and is helpful for home care.
Modern medicine holds that pain is pathological reaction of the cerebral cortex to a partial disease in the body. It is caused by the stimulation of press receptor in the nerve end resulted from the partial tissue swelling due to injuries such as falls and fractures or muscle tension and spasm of the soft tissue due to chronic injury; or the stimulation of press receptor in the nerve end resulted from accumulation of acidic metabolin due to obstruction of partial blood circulation or the produce of algogenic substance due to diseases such as inflammation and cancer.

These stimulations transmitted by nerves to the brain react as pain. And cupping can regulate the nerve system, promote blood circulation and lymph circulation and improve metabolism in the body. Therefore, functions of the brain can be regulated and threshold of pain can be changed. The improvement of blood circulation speeds up the discharge of metabolin and algogenic subtances. At the same time, it relieve the spasm of partialvessels and smooth muscles and remove the pressive condition  of nerve ending.Thus, cupping has an obvious function of relieving pain. Click here to learn Primary Infertility in TCM.

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