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Causes of Hypertension in TCM
It is a fact that TCM point of view on hypertension is different from that of western medicine. We have different ways of diagnosis, different principles of therapy, and different therapeutic methods to maximize the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. If you'd seek help from us, please fill out the health form as requested.

According to its clinical manifestations, this disease fails into the categories of "xuan yun" (vertigo), "tou tong" (headache), "gan yang" (liver yang) and "gan feng" (liver wind) in TCM. The causes of hypertension are mainly emotional disorders, improper diet, prolonged illness and overstrain. Its pathogenesis includes deficiency of liver yin and kidney yin or deficiency of yin and yang, hyperactivity of liver yang, accumulation of turbid phlegm and obstruction of collaterals by blood stasis.

In female patients it is related to disorders of conception and thoroughfare vessels. The location of the disease is at the liver, kidney and heart, with incoordination between yin and yang as the principal aspect and wind, fire, phlegm or stasis as the secondary aspect. Pathogenically, it is mainly a case of principal deficiency and secondary excess, deficiency with concomitant excess. For the young, the middle-aged and new patients, their cases are mostly attributed to excess syndrome; and for the old and prolonged patients, their cases chiefly attributed to principal deficiency and secondary excess.

Hypertension attributed to five causes in TCM
Hyperactivity of Liver Yang
Yin Deficiency Causing Hyperactivity of Yang
Retention of Phlegm Damp in the Body
Deficiency of Both Yin and Yang
Incoordination of Thoroughfare and Conception Vessels

Main symptoms of hypertension
Mental stress
Blurred vision
cardiac functional decompensation

Main complications of hypertension
Coronary heart disease
Cerebrovascular disease
Hypertensive heart disease
Hypertensive encephalopathy
Chronic renal failure
Hypertensive crisis
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