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Chinese medicine Treatment for Hypertension

1. Chinese medicine can expand and soften the blood vessel, increase the oxygen content in the blood vessel, and reduce the obstruction of artery blood vessel, thus lowering the blood pressure smoothly.

2. Chinese medicine can clean the lipid garbage, promote the absorption and metabolism of fat.

3. Chinese medicine can effectively dissolve blood clots, and regain the fat metabolism.

4. Chinese medicine can purify the blood, resolve the rubbish in the blood, making the blood circulation work properly.

5. Chinese medicine can protect the heart, brain, and kidney, restore the hemopoietic tissue to increase the blood oxygen content.

6. Chinese medicine can repair the damaged heart, brain, and kidney to keep the organs healthy and active. More importantly, Chinese medicine can also help to improve the body immunity, thus lowering blood pressure and preventing the complications of BP.

If you have been suffering from this disease for quite a long time, and you have failed to find solutions from western medicine. You're welcome to contact us, we'll be ready to give you advice or guidance on TCM treatment.

Wind, fire, phlegm and blood stasis are the secondary aspect while deficiency of the liver and kidneys is the principal aspect. In clinical practice, cases of the deficiency type are more than those of the excess type; yin deficiency is more often seen than yang deficiency. Generally, hyperactivity of yang is the secondary aspect and deficiency of yin is the principal aspect. However, in the course of the disease, hyperactivity of yang is concurrent with deficiency of yin, with predominance of hyperactivity of yang or with predominance of deficiency of yin and associated with liver wind, turbid phlegm and blood stasis. Therefore, the theraputic principle should primarily aim at nourishing yin and calming the liver and different methods like calming wind, clearing away fire, resolving phlegm and removing blood stasis, should be used accordingly.

Five therapeutic methods for hypertension in TCM
Hyperactivity of Liver Yang
Therapeutic Methods: To calm the liver, suppress yang, clear away heat and reduce fire.
Yin Deficiency Causing Hyperactivity of Yang
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish yin and calm the liver.
Retention of Phlegm Damp in the Body
Therapeutic Methods: To resolve phlegm and calm wind.
Deficiency of Both Yin and Yang
Therapeutic Methods: To replenish yin and assist yang.
Incoordination of Thoroughfare and Conception Vessels
Therapeutic Methods: To regulate and nourish the thoroughfare and conception vessels.
Adjuvant Treatment
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