Behcet's Disease
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  • Adjuvant Therapy:  
  • Chinese medicine Treatment for Behcet's Disease

    Syndrome differentiation and treatment:
    Chinese medicine believe that the disease belongs to the category of  "Cold ulcer", and "Yin ulcer". The patterns of syndromes are considered as the conditions of interior, conditions of cold, and conditions of deficiency. The main pathological basis is the Yin deficiency and Yang excess. Syndromes have a close connection with the liver heat, spleen dampness, and kidney deficiency. Therefore, TCM treatment for Behcet's Disease is based on the syndrome differentiation. The purpose of the treatment is to clearing away heat and toxic materials, tonifying spleen, and relieve internal heat or fever. On the contrary, In western medicine, corticosteroid hormone and immunosuppressor are often used to treat Behcet's Disease, however, the treatment effect is not ideal. The western medicine is more for the relief of symptoms. The disease comes back when the patient stops taking the medicines. What's more, the patients has side-effects.

    In Chinese medicine, when treating a disease, the doctors take everything into into consideration, including climatic changes, environmental variations, emotional changes, the diet, the urine and the stool, the sleep, and the disorder of sex life. That is the feature of the Three Pathogens Theory in TCM. This etiology doctrine built on the basis of the macro methodology entirely differs from that of Western medicine. It is on the basis of the microscopic and pathologic anatomy. But it is exactly a biological, psychological, social and new medical model that Western medicine is attempting to pursue. While Chinese medicine established its own system with this medical model two thousand years ago.

    Chinese doctor doesn’t considers static anatomy as a starting point for understanding the diseases, and does not rely on detection equipments. On the contrary, Chinese doctor depends on the unique ways of TCM diagnosis to experience and study the human dynamic life information. Also it is based on syndrome differentiation to guide the disease therapy. This method not only can save a lot of examination fees for patients, but also can help doctors exchange with patients more closely, thus reflecting a real humanistic spirit.

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