Raynaud's Disease
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  • Adjuvant Therapy:  
  • TCM Treatment Evaluation for Raynaud's Disease

    TCM treatment for this disease is on the basis of the syndrome differentiation. For the same disease, Chinese doctors offer different treatment prescription for different patients with the same disease. Every person has his or her own different conditions. It varies from person to person. So the therapeutic plan also varies one to one. This is what is called "TCM Individualized Diagnosis and Treatment". In Chinese medicine, we never give ten-thousand patients the same prescription. TCM treatment is strictly based on an overall analysis of the disease, together with the patient's conditions.

    What's more, in order to guarantee an effective treatment plan, the diagnosis is fully discussed and analysed several times by our experienced TCM experts. Therefore, we'd say the whole process of the diagnosis and treatment plan-making is to collect the intelligence of our TCM experts. This provides a solid foundation for the treatment of the disease. Following is the TCM treatment evaluation for Raynaud's Disease.

    1. TCM diagnosis for this disease is strictly based on the syndrome differentiation. So the treatment plan made by our TCM experts is objective, efficient, and reliable. Up to now more than 3859 patients from all over the world have seeked helps from us. And they got benifits from our TCM service.
    2. Traditional Chinese medicine is natural and mild in nature. It takes time to see the differences. In our clinical practice, it takes a few treatments for months to treat this disease.
    3. Traditional Chinese medicine has long-lasting effects for this disease. This is the exceptional advantage for treating a disease compared to western midicine.
    4. Traditional Chinese medicine aims to improve the body immune systems, regulate the balance of Yin and Yang. TCM can treat and prevent a disease.
    5. Traditional Chinese medicine can be taken together with western medicine, no side effects, and no interference.
    6. During the treatment of Chinese medicine, it's suggested that the patient have some adjuvant treatments. Acupuncture would be a good choice for this disease.
    7. It would be better to combine Chinese medicine with western medicine. Western medicine can relieve the symptoms, while TCM is for the root.
    8. During the whole course of treatment, it's essential that the patient should eat or avoid certain foods as requested.
    9. TCM treatment has proved to be very effective for Raynaud's Disease. Altogether we treated 3859 cases. Some have the disease for only one and a half year, some have the disease for 10 years. After TCM treatment, 3496 patients had the clinical recovery(symptoms of the affected toes or fingers disappeared, amplitude of rheography is normal), 348 patients had quite good results(pale and blue limbs disappeared), 15 patients get better(symptoms changed, but rheography didn't seem to be changed obviously).

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