Raynaud's Disease
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  • Adjuvant Therapy:  
  • Chinese medicine Treatment for Raynaud's Disease

    Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation
    1. Syndrome of Yang Deficiency and Cold Accumulation
    Main Symptoms: Cold sensation in the infected limbs, pale, purple, red color and numb and pricking sensation in the skin of the fingers by exposure to cold,the skin color turned normal with disappearance of pain after warmth, accompanied by cold sensation in the limbs, soreness and weakness in the lumbus and leg, slightly red tongue, thin and whitish coating, deep and slow pulse.
    Therapeutic Methods: Warm yang, disperse cold, activate blood and dredge meridians.

    2. Stasis and Stagnation of Blood Collaterals
    Main Symptoms:  Blue purple or purple red color in the extremities for a long time, cold, numb and painful sensation in the skin, or deformed nail, dark tongue, or with purple spots, thready and hesitant pulse.
    Therapeutic Methods: Activate blood, dissolve stagnation, dredge collaterals and stop pain.

    3. Accumulation of Dampness and Hea
    Main Symptoms: Swelling in the infected area with superficial ulcer or gangrene, serious pain, accompanied by fever, dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth, constipation, brown urine, reddened tongue, thin and yellowish coating, slippery and rapid or wiry and rapid pulse.
    Therapeutic Methods: Clear away heat, dissolve toxin, cool blood and disperse stagnation.

    In Chinese medicine, when treating a disease, the doctors take everything into into consideration, including climatic changes, environmental variations, emotional changes, the diet, the urine and the stool, the sleep, and the disorder of sex life. That is the feature of the Three Pathogens Theory in TCM. This etiology doctrine built on the basis of the macro methodology entirely differs from that of Western medicine. It is on the basis of the microscopic and pathologic anatomy. But it is exactly a biological, psychological, social and new medical model that Western medicine is attempting to pursue. While Chinese medicine established its own system with this medical model two thousand years ago.

    Chinese doctor doesn’t considers static anatomy as a starting point for understanding the diseases, and does not rely on detection equipments. On the contrary, Chinese doctor depends on the unique ways of TCM diagnosis to experience and study the human dynamic life information. Also it is based on syndrome differentiation to guide the disease therapy. This method not only can save a lot of examination fees for patients, but also can help doctors exchange with patients more closely, thus reflecting a real humanistic spirit.

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