Anal Fissure
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TCM Diagnosis for Anal Fissure

Diagnostic Essentials for Anal Fissure in Chinese medicine:
(1) It often occurs in the young adults at the age of 20-40.

(2) It often occurs at 6 and 12 clock spots of the lithotomy position below the dentate line of the anus. It often occurs at 6 clock spot in the males and at 12 clock spot in the females.

(3) It is manifested by pain in defecation, in paroxysmal cutting or burning pain. The pain decreases or disappears in several minutes to over ten minutes after defecation, called intermittent pain. Mterwards, the pain becomes serious due to constant spasm in the sphincter and often lasts for several hours before it is alleviated gradually. Simultaneously, there is bleeding in defecation, usually blood drops in scanty volume or just attached to the surface of stool.

(4) Early Anal Fistula.   It is manifested by comparatively short duration, shallow wound, fresh red color, smooth border, in shuttle shape and in soft and elastic nature.

(5) Old Anal Fistula: It is manifested by long duration, repeated attack and aggravation, pale ulceration, deep bottom, thickened border in a "Jar Mouth" shape, flat and hard gray-white tissue (pectinate membrane band) formed on the bottom. Because of the chronic inflammation in the peripheral tissue of the fistula, it often accompanies external hemorrhoid of connective tissue (nicknamed guard hemorrhoid), internal blind fistula, hypertrophy of anal papilla, anal sinusitis, anal papillitis, etc.

In TCM, a disease or a symptom might be caused by one pathogenic factor, even two or three pathogenic factors. When diagnosing a disease or a symptom, TCM doctors must follow the principle of "Syndrome Dfferentiation", and then "Suit the Remedy to the Case". In order to gain a more definite and valuable diagnosis, it's important and necessary for the doctor to learn the detailed health information of the patient, including his/her disease duration, age, sex, height, weight, family history, urine, stool, diet, sleep, sweat, energy, mood (emotion), as well as the tongue conditions and the palm conditions, etc. If you would want our expert to create a TCM diagnosis, you're welcome to contact us.

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