Chinese medicine Treatment for Constipation

How Chinese medicine works effectively on constipation
Chinese medicine can be able to crush the hard stools which silt up intestinal tract. TCM herbs also help to control the activity of constipation factors to stop them from damaging the blood, liver, kidney, heart and brain. More importantly, Chinese medicine can kill the daft constipation factors, thus changing the dry and hard stool into a normal stool.

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The treatment principle is chiefly the purgation, but clinically purgation should be combined with other treatments according to the differentiation of the syndrome. For excess syndromes, clearing heat and purging fire, regulating qi and expelling stagnation, expelling cold and warming the middle energizer are adopted; for deficiecy syndromes, tonifying spleen qi, nourishing blood and moistening the intestine and warming yang and relieving constipation are often used.

Six therapeutic methods for constipation in TCM
Heat Accumulation in the Intestines and Stomach
Therapeutic Methods: To clear away heat, relieve stagnation, moisten intestines and promote defecation.
Qi Stagnation in the Intestines
Therapeutic Methods: To restore the free flow of qi and relieve stagnation.
Retention of Yin cold
Therapeutic Methods: To warm the interior, expel cold, promote bowel movement and relieve pain.
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Therapeutic Methods: To tonify qi and lubricate the intestines.
Deficiency of Blood and Body Fluid
Therapeutic Methods: To nourish blood and moisten the dryness.
Deficiency of Spleen Yang and Kidney Yang
Therapeutic Methods: To warm yang and promote bowel movement.
Adjuvant Treatment

Chinese Herbal
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