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Hepatosplenomegaly in TCM
With the type of Chinese medicine, it is more focused on trying to do a tailored-made diagnosis. In traditional Chinese medicine, the doctors do not just categorize it as a kind of disease; we try to figure out exactly what type of syndrome (cause of disease) it is. Therefore, syndrome differentiation is a MUST in TCM diagnosis. With the right diagnosis, TCM doctor can be able to suit the remedy to the case. This is one of the characteristic of TCM treatment. Contact us today, we're here seven days a week.
TCM Treatment for hepatosplenomegalyIntroduction to Hepatosplenomegaly
Hepatosplenomegaly is a term used to refer to an anomalous physical condition wherein abnormal engorgement of liver and spleen is experienced. In this condition the liver is enlarged from its normal size. A person who is afflicted by the condition may experience the engorgement of both the liver as well as the spleen. During the prevalence of the condition the lower rim of the liver descends anomalously to the lower right side costal margin of the ribs. Normally the livers edge is thin as well as firm; it also cannot be palpated (felt during examination through finger touch) when it lower than the lower ribs or costal margin.

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Special Hints for Your Diet in TCM
Special Hints for Your Diet in TCM
Traditional Chinese medicine is a fantastic art of healing. TCM doctors use not only herbal medicines for treating diseases, but also they pay close attention to the patient's diet. In TCM, it's required that a patient should have a proper diet during the whole course of treatment. A perfect TCM prescription together with a proper diet can make you recover from the disease as soon as possible. Following is our suggestions on your diet.
Foods fit to eat
Consumption of certain unsaturated fatty acids, such as fish oil, can reduce the concentration of triglycerides in the blood and thus help stop and reverse the process of liver enlargement. You can obtain dietary fish oil from fatty fishes like salmon, or take it in capsule form as a supplement.
Foods unfit to eat
In the case of a liver enlarged with fatty deposits, a person can reduce hepatomegaly by cutting fatty foods out of his diet, especially foods that contain saturated or trans fats. These foods include fatty meats, cheeses and many types of processed snack foods.
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