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    How Chinese medicine works effectively on menopause
    The effective ingredient extracted from the natural herbs can be able to activate the resting ovary cells, increase tissue cell proliferation. Chinese medicine also helps to supply the essential nutrients that the ovary needs, creating the second time of development. Chinese medicine is widely used for those women who have menopause symptoms, such as scanty period, menolipsis, rough skin, wrinkle, hot flash, night sweat, irritability, mastoptosis, vaginal dryness, low libido, etc.

    If you have been suffering from this disease for quite a long time, and you have failed to find solutions from western medicine. You're welcome to contact us, we'll be ready to give you advice or guidance on TCM treatment.

    Menopause is the process a woman goes through that causes her monthly periods to end. During menopause, a woman's ovaries stop producing eggs and produce fewer female hormones. When it is over, she can no longer get pregnant naturally. Menopause, and specifically the symptoms of menopause, can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. Yet for many women, the change of life is something they welcome, with freedom from menstrual periods and pregnancy.

    As you approach mid-life, estrogen levels start to fluctuate and then drop. Most women notice that their periods stop being predictable. They may become shorter, longer, heavier or lighter than usual, and the spacing between periods may change, until a woman starts to skip her periods altogether. Eventually, they will cease. The average age for menopause is 51 for non-smokers and 49 for smokers.

    The average age range is 47 to 55 years. Those who start menopause before age 45 are considered to have early menopause, while those who begin before age 40 are said to have premature menopause. The entire transition takes between four and five years, and during this time women can still get pregnant. Typically the process occurs gradually, but women who have lost or damaged ovaries may experience menopause more rapidly.

    Four therapeutic methods for menopause in TCM
    Blockage of Meridians due to Cold and Damp
    Therapeutic Method: Chinese herbal medicine is used to remove cold and damp for the flow of Qi in the meridians.
    Blockage of Meridians due to Heat and Damp
    Therapeutic Method: Chinese herbal medicine is used to remove heat and damp for the flow of Qi in the meridians.
    Blockage of Meridians due to Blood Stasis
    Therapeutic Method: Chinese herbal medicine is used to increase the flow of blood.
    Deficiency of Kidney and Liver
    Therapeutic Method: Chinese herbal medicine is used to tonify kidney and strengthen liver.
    Adjuvant Treatment

    Chinese Herbal
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