Chronic Laryngitis
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Causes of Chronic Laryngitis in TCM

The disease is called"Manhouyin" (chronic laryngitis with aphonia) in TCM. The residual pathogenic factors after the recovery from the disease, overphonation or loss of nourishment due to the prolonged disease consume qi and impair yin to result in the asthenic injuries of the three zang organs of the lung, spleen and kidney. In this case, the glottis cannot be blown to pronounce sounds normally. This is mostly the way the disease occurs.

Chronic laryngitis is mostly caused by the consumption of the lung, spleen and kidney. Voice comes from the lung and is rooted in the kidney. The lung controls respiration and is the source of voice. The kidney is the root of qi. When the renal essence is sufficient, the lung qi and the spleen qi will be vigorous, resulting in loud and clear voice; conversely, the consumption of the lung and kidney will lead to the disease. Mter the recovery of pharyngolaryngeal diseases, the residual pathogenic factors which are not eliminated stagnate and accumulate in the larynx, or overphonation consumes qi and impairs yin. In both cases, the injuries of pharyngolaryngeal meridians and collaterals will occur to cause qi stagnation and blood stasis,giving rise to the onset of the disease.

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