Causes of Asthma in TCM
It is a fact that TCM point of view on asthma is different from that of western medicine. We have different ways of diagnosis, different principles of therapy, and different therapeutic methods to maximize the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. If you'd seek help from us, please fill out the health form as requested.
Repeated attacks of asthma for long periods can weaken the lung, spleen and kidney. Lung qi deficiency may results in failure of weiqi to protect the body against diseases and the disease is more likely to recur due to exogenous pathogenic factors. Spleen deficiency may bring about failure in transporting function and produce phlegm in the lung. Kidney deficiency may cause failure of receiving qi by the kidney; and kidney yang deficiency causes accumulation of pathogenic fluid that may transform into phlegm, while kidney yin deficiency induces hyperactive fire to scorch the body fluid into phlegm, which moves upwards and stays in the lung, thus worsening the condition. Integration of Chinese medicine and western medicine would be a good choice for this disease. When treating bronchial asthma, Chinese doctors will take everything into consideration.

Stage of Attack
Retention of Cold-phlegm in the Lung
Retention of Phlegm-heat in the Lung
Blockage of Phlegm in the Lung
Attack on the Lung by Stagnated Liver Qi

Stage of Remission
Lung Deficiency Syndrome
Spleen Deficiency Syndrome
Kidney Deficiency Syndrome
Adjuvant Treatment

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