Chinese medicine treatment for Asthma

How Chinese medicine works effectively on asthma
1. Dispel excessive heat (fire) in the lung
Chinese medicine can rapidly dispel excessive heat (fire) in the lung so as to keep the lung cool, refresh and clear. TCM also helps to restore the ability to secrete grume, loose the smooth muscle of bronchus, thus relieving asthma.

2. Dissolve the subcutaneous nodule
Chinese medicine can pinpoint and target the subcutaneous nodule conglutinated on the weasand and alveolar membrane. Then the subcutaneous nodule is frozen to stop it from conglutinating. By means of dissolution and percolation, the subcutaneous nodule is discharged out of the body, thus relieving asthma.

3. Unblock the lung meridians
Chinese medicine can remove the stagnation of Qi and blood in the lungs so as to improve the blood and oxygen exchange among the lungs, heart, and weasand. Chinese medicine also helps to promote the regeneration of the damaged cells and alveolar membrane. Importantly, Chinese medicine is able to eliminate the mucosal inflammation, and rebuild the immunity of alveolar cilia.

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Since the pathogenic factors are prevailing in the stage of attack, the therapeutic principle at this stage is to eliminate the pathogenic factors as a symptomatic treatment. The treatment should be focused on eliminating these factors and resolving phlegm. Cold-phlegm should be warmed and resolved so as to release lung qi, whereas warm-phlegm should be cleared and resolved in order to lower lung qi.

Since the body resistance is weakened at the remission stage, the treatment should be based on the principle of strengthening the body resistance as a causative treatment. Cases with yang deficiency should be treated by invigorating therapy, while those with yin insufficiency by nourishing treatment. According to the involvement of the zang organs, methods of nourishing the lung, invigorating the spleen or strengthening the kidney are applied accordingly.

Therapeutic methods for asthma in the first stage
Retention of Cold-phlegm in the Lung
Therapeutic Methods: To warm the lung, dispel cold, resolve phlegm and relieve asthma.
Retention of Phlegm-heat in the Lung
Therapeutic Methods: To clear away heat, resolve phlegm, release lung qi and relieve asthma.
Blockage of Phlegm in the Lung
Therapeutic Methods: To remove phlegm, dredge aperture, lower adverse lung qi and stop asthma.
Attack on the Lung by Stagnated Liver Qi
Therapeutic Methods: To soothe the liver, regulate qi circulation, lower the adverse lung qi and stop asthma.

Therapeutic methods for asthma in the second stage
Lung Deficiency Syndrome
Therapeutic Methods: To tonify the lung and strengthen weifen.
Spleen Deficiency Syndrome
Therapeutic Methods: To strengthen the spleen and resolve phlegm.
Kidney Deficiency Syndrome
Therapeutic Method: To invigorate the kidney to receive lung qi.
Adjuvant Treatment

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