With the type of Chinese medicine, it is more focused on trying to find a diagnosis. An example of this is with lumbago. In traditional Chinese medicine, the doctors do not just categorize it as a kind of lumbago; we try to figure out exactly what type of lumbago it is. Therefore, syndrome differentiation is a MUST in TCM diagnosis. With the right diagnosis, TCM doctor can be able to suit the remedy to the case. This is one of the light spots of Chinese medicine. If you'd seek help from us, please fill out the health form as requested.
Lumbago in TCM

When using Chinese herbal medicine, our TCM experts will customize the herbal prescription to meet the specific needs of your condition. A variety of single herbs are commonly added or subtracted to maximize the clinical effectiveness of the treatment. Up to now we have treated 4140 cases of lumbago by our Chinese medicine. The treatment is quite successful. We have gained 99% effective rate, 90% cure rate, only a few is of no use for some reasons.

TCM Treatment for lumbagoLumbago is an umbrella term for lower back pain, which can be caused by a variety of issues from sudden strain to tumors. There are a number of treatments for lumbago, depending on the root cause, including surgical options for very severe cases. Low back pain affects many people at some point during their lives, and it is a frequently cited cause for missed work. Because the causes for lumbago vary, it is important to see a doctor if you have any type of back pain, to ensure that the cause is properly diagnosed so that you get the right treatment.

The most obvious symptom of lumbago is, of course, lower back pain which may radiate into the upper legs. Patients may also experience stiffness in their lower backs, especially when rising in the morning, along with painful muscle spasms in the lower back. A tingling sensation in the lower legs and feet sometimes accompanies lumbago as well, and patients may develop a spinal curvature as their bodies respond to the pain.

Category of Lumbago in TCM
Lateral epicondylitis
Tenosing tendinitis
Traumatic synovitis
Back muscle strain
Ligament strain on the spine
Adjuvant Treatment
Special Hints for Your Diet in TCM
Traditional Chinese medicine is a fantastic art of healing. TCM doctors use not only herbal medicines for treating diseases, but also they pay close attention to the patient's diet. In TCM, it's required that a patient should have a proper diet during the whole course of treatment. A perfect TCM prescription together with a proper diet can make you recover from the disease as soon as possible. Following is our suggestions on your diet.
Foods fit to eat
1. It is suggested the sufferers should eat foods that can replenish qi and enrich the blood.
2. It is suggested the sufferers should eat foods that can strengthen the spleen and stomach.
3. It is suggested the sufferers should eat foods that can tonify the kidney.
Foods that are useful for you: pure milk, date, raisin.
Foods unfit to eat
1. Please don't eat raw and cold foods.
2. Please try to avoid irritant and fried foods.
3. Please try to avoid fried foods.
Foods that might do harm to you: pepper, ice cream, spicy cabbage.
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