Sjogren Syndrome
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TCM Treatment Evaluation for Sjogren Syndrome

The WHO recognizes acupuncture’s ability to help relieve symptoms associates with Sjogren’s syndrome. And the key to understanding why it does this is to understand that acupuncture quiets the autoimmune response. In autoimmune conditions, the body is attacking itself, resulting in inflammation, irritation and pain. Acupuncture slows and softens the attack itself.

The way acupuncture works is to move Qi and blood in the body. In fact, it all comes down to Qi because it’s the Qi that moves the blood. Think of Qi as energy that flows through the body, nourishes the organs, builds and circulates the blood. Good Qi flow brings a body that is out of balance back into balance.

For example, someone suffering from digestive pain caused by Sjogren’s syndrome is actually dealing with Qi stagnation in the stomach. All pain is the result of Qi not moving freely. By getting the Qi to move smoothly in the stomach, the pain will naturally be reduced. But acupuncture is not only managing symptoms. Moving the Qi in specific organs affected by an autoimmune response will actually cause the organ to quiet down and stop attacking itself. It doesn’t "cure" the condition, but it improves it. Keeping the Qi flowing will provide long-term relief at the root level, not just at the branch, or symptom, level.

This is why acupuncture is effective in treating many autoimmune conditions like Lupus, MS (multiple sclerosis), and Crohn’s Disease. It is also very helping in controlling hay fever, allergies, and asthma. The healing mechanism described above (to move the Qi) is a simplified explanation, but the essence is correct. For each condition we will focus on a different set of organs, but moving the Qi is the key.

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