Liver Cancer
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TCM Diagnosis for Liver Cancer

This disease is characterized by principal deficiency and secondary excess. Principal deficiency is manifested as lassitude, rapidly progressive emaciation, and even sallow complexion and indolence of speaking; hard lump in the right espigastrium with tenderness, or accompanied by jaundice, ascites, edema, distension and fullness and oppression of the abdomen are the manifestations of secondary excess. For severe cases, it is advisable to focus the treatment on the secondary aspect, chiefly to eliminate pathogenic factors with the methods of activating blood to remove stasis, eliminating mass, purging retained fluid and dissipating stagnant qi.

Essentials for Diagnosis 
(1) Liver cancer is clinically manifested as pain in the liver or espigastrium, abdominal distension, lassitude, poor appetite, emaciation, or diarrhea and fever. Progressive hepatomegaly is present, with tenderness, hard texture and nodular protrusion on its surface.

(2) A history of chronic viral hepatitis and hepatocirrhosis.

(3) A rise in γ-GT and positive AFP in serological examination.

(4) Ultrasonography B, CT scanning and MRI suggest a space occupying lesion in the liver.

In TCM, a disease or a symptom might be caused by one pathogenic factor, even two or three pathogenic factors. When diagnosing a disease or a symptom, TCM doctors must follow the principle of "Syndrome Dfferentiation", and then "Suit the Remedy to the Case". In order to gain a more definite and valuable diagnosis, it's important and necessary for the doctor to learn the detailed health information of the patient, including his/her disease duration, age, sex, height, weight, family history, urine, stool, diet, sleep, sweat, energy, mood (emotion), as well as the tongue conditions and the palm conditions, etc. If you would want our expert to create a TCM diagnosis, you're welcome to contact us.

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