Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Counter energy
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Jueqi: counter energy, refers to certain secondary etiologies in general.

1. The Yellow Emperor asks, "How does swelling come into being? What's the reasori?" 
2. Qi Bo says, "In general, defensive energy should move together with blood within the body, going down among the muscles."
3. Defensive energy moves on yang in daytime, on yin at night, accompanying the constructive energy of the blood vessels. Only by paying attention to this can people keep fit.
4. Constructive and defensive energies are injected into the five internal organs.
5. They fit the four seasons, go out step by step, refine the nutritional substances of food, and tone the human body.
6. If counter energy influences the normal movement of constructive and defensive energies, cold qi will rise up. When cold evil qi attacks, swelling diseases come into being. 
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