Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Deficient energy
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1. "How can we know if the essence of life, qi, and body fluid, blood,and blood vessels are adequate or deficient? And how about the brain and spinal cord?"
2. Qi Bo answers, "Deafness may strike people with deficient energy."
3. People with a deficiency of vital energy can't see clearly.
4. With a deficiency of fluid, people can't bend and stretch their joints freely,they look haggard, haven't enough brains, or mental energy, and often have leg and ear aches.
5. With a deficiency of fluid, people have symptoms such as skin lesions and perspiration.
6  With ood deficiency, people have symptoms such as pallid complexion, rough skin, and an insufficiency of blood vessels. These are the symptoms of an insufficiency of the six vital energies.
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