Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

Essence of life
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1. The Yellow Emperor says, "I heard that human beings have the essence of life, qi, and body fluid, blood, and blood vessels. I thought they are all the same. Why do you give them six different names?
2. Qi Bo says, "The mating of male and female breeds new shapes. The original matter before the new shape is formed is called the essence of life, also the zygote."
3. The upper energizer refines food and water, spreading all over the body to warm the skin, support the body, and grow hair like mist and dew irrigating grass, this is called qi
4. The sweat, dispersed from the skin and muscles is called body fluid.
5. The refined nutritious substances translated from water and grain in the stomach spread all over the body. The thick and velvety part permeates to the bones to make the joints bend and stretch freely.
6. The part reaching the brain tones the brain and spinal cord and smoothes the skin. This is called body fluid.
7. Assimilating the refined nutritious substances of water and grain, the red fluid originates from the middle energizer and is called blood.
8. Controlling constructive energy and making it move along certain lines is called the pulse.
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