Miraculous Pivot (Ling shu)

The five sense organs
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Chinese medicine considers that the five sense organs communicate with the five internal organs. So the nose is the lung organ; the eye is the liver organ; the lips are the spleen organ; the tongue is the heart organ; and the ear is the kidney organ.

1. The Yellow Emperor says, "I hope you will explain the relationship between the five sense organs and the five intemal organs. "
2. Qi Bo replies, "The nose, belonging to the lungs, is in charge of breath.
3. The eyes, belonging to the liver, is in charge of distinguishing colors.
4. The lips, belonging to the spleen, is in charge of receiving water and cereals.
5. The tongue, belonging to the heart, is in charge of distinguishing
6. The ear, belonging to the kidney, is in charge of hearing."
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