Bronchial Asthma

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Dietetic Chinese Drugs for Bronchial Asthma (Image)

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1) Gingko nut (Semen Ginkgo)
Also known as ginkgo seed. Astringing the lung-qi and relieving phlegm-dyspnea, it is applicable to patients suffering from bronchial asthma with profuse phlegm. To be taken cooked, parched, or used as an ingredient of a decoction, 3 to 9g or 5 to 10 gingko nuts a day. It is poisonous, so overdose should be avoided, to say nothing of eating it raw, so as not to be poisoned. Boiled 9g of parched gingko nuts (shelled, stir-fried) and its decoction, when taken together and with a right amount of honey mixed in, can serve as a supplementary treatment for bronchial asthma or cough due to TB.

2) Jiaomu (Semen ganthoxyli) 
It has  the functions of relieving asthma and inducing diuresis. Grind it into fine powder, fill capsules with it, 0.4g for each. To be taken twice or three times a day, 6 to 8 capsules each time, 3 to 7 days making up a course of treatment. It has Asthma relieving effect on bronchial asthma.

3) Pig's testicle 
It is effective for relieving asthma. Boiled pig's testicle and its soup when taken together can treat bronchial asthma, two testicles each time for adults, children's dosage should be reduced accordingly (half of a testicle for children aged 2 to 5), twice a day. It can be taken for 7 to 10 days in a row.

4) Earthworm (Lumbricus) 
Also known as dilong (dragon on the earth) in TCM.  Clearing away pathogenic heat and relieving Asthma, it can be used to treat asthma of heat type. Grind dried earthworm into fine powder and fill capsules with it for oral administration, twice or three times a day, 3g each time. It has some curative effect on bronchial asthma.

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