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Pill of Sparrow for Cataract (Image)

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Sparrow, Passer montanus saturatus  10
Magnetite, Magnetitum  30g
Medicated leaven, Massa Fermentata Medicinalis  30g
Halite, Halitum  30g
Desertliving cistanche, Herba Cistanchis (Roucongrong)   30g
Dodder seed, Semen Cuscutae  90g
Dried tangerine peel, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae  9g
Rice (or millet) wine  (right amount)
Bee Honey (Fengmi)   (right amount)

PROCESS: Have the sparrows rid of the feathers, wings,claws and beaks, and ground (intestines, stomach, bones, flesh and all) into a mash; have the magnetite calcined and dipped into vinegar repeatedly for seven times, then grind it into fine powder; grind the medicated leaven into fine powder after it is roasted; grind the halite and desertliving cistanche into powder after they have been soaked in wine and wine-fried; grind the dodder seeds into powder after they have been soaked in wine for three days and dried in the sun.  Make oils 6 each, by refining into soft extract the mixture of the above medicinal powder with millet (or rice) wine and honey.

DIRECTIONS: Take 20 pills at a time, twice a day, after its infusion with warm wine.  Take several doses successively.

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