Decoction of Schisandra Fruit for Cerebrovascular Diseases

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Schisandra fruit, Fructus Schisandrae (Wuweizi)  10g
Purple perilla leaves, Folium Perillae 18g
Ginseng-(Renshen).shtml" target='_blank' title="Radix Ginseng (Renshen)">Radix Ginseng (Renshen)  12g
Granulated sugar 100g

PROCESS: Get 10g of schisandra fruit, 18g of purple perilla leaves, 12g of ginseng and 100g of granulated sugar.Decoct the first three drugs in 3000 ml of water until 1500 ml is left; remove the dregs and let it settle; and add in the granulated sugar. It can be taken as much as one likes.

decoction of schisandra fruit for cerebrovascular diseases

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