Recipe of Giant Knotweed Rhizome and Honey for Viral Hepatitis

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Giant knotweed rhizome, Rhizoma Polgoni Cuspitati  500g
Schisandra fruit, Fructus Schisandrae (Wuweizi)   250g
Bee Honey (Fengmi)   1000 g

recipe of giant knotweed rhizome and honey for viral hepatitis

PROCESS: Wash the giant knotweed rhizome and schi. sandra fruit clean, put them in an earthenware pot and add water (to the point that the two drugs can be submerged) and soak them for half an hour.  Heat them over a moderate fire until the water boils.  Then, change to a low fire and go on decocting for about half an hour until 500 ml of medicinal extract is left; filter it to get the extract.  Add 1000 ml of water and heat it to get extract of about 500 ml; remove the dregs and put all the extract obtained and the honey into a big earthenware pot which is to be heated over a low fire.  Let the decoction boil for 5 minutes; take the pot away from the fire to let it cool.  Pour the decoction in a bottle and cover it tight.

DIRECTIONS: Take a spoonful at a time after meals, three times a day after infusing it with boiling water, with two months as a course of treatment.

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