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Dietetic Chinese Drugs for Hyperlipemia (Image)

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1) Fructus Crataegi (Shanzha)  
Fructus Crataegi (Shanzha) has the function of regulating metabolism of blood lipid. It is recommended to take 6 to 12g each day.

2) Onion (Bulbus Allii Caepae) 
Cut 120g of onion into thin strips; put an appropriate amount of cooking oil into a cooking  pan to be heated over a strong fire; then put the onion strips into the pan and turn over and over; add salt, soy sauce, a bit of vinegar and white sugar, stir-fry and mix thoroughly. It can prevent and treat Hyperlipemia if frequently taken together with cooked rice or bread.

3) Lentinus (Lentinus Edodes)
Stir-fry 90g of fresh lentinus with an appropriate amount of vegetable oil and a bit of salt; then, add water to make soup.  It is good at lowering blood lipid.

4) Corn (Semen Maydis) 
Scatter 30 to 60g corn flour into water after it boils, and stir it thoroughly to make a thin paste. When the gruel is done, add some sesame oil, scallion, ginger and salt to flavour it before ready for oral administration.

5) Sunflower seeds (Semen Hellianthi Annui) 
Take the raw seeds, 9 to 15g daily.

6) Miscellaneous Garlic (Bulbus Allii), carrot (Radix Dauci Carotae), honeysuckle flower (Flos Lonicerae), etc., all can be taken to lower blood lipid.

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