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Dietetic Chinese Drugs for Pharyngitis (Image)

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1) Frost-weathered luffa (Fructus Luffae)
Have one luffa cut into pieces and decocted in water for drinking. If there is no frost-weathered luffa available, a tender one will do either, pound it into a mash, infuse the mash with water for gargling; or, take a spoonful once with boiled water, three times a day. It can be applied to cases with the type of invasion of the pharynx by wind-heat.

2) Chinese white olive (Frucuts Canarii) 
Have one fresh Chinese white olive washed clean; keep it in the mouth and chew its juice out; stop chewing and keep the juice in the mouth, swallow the juice slowly after mixing it with saliva. A few minutes later, repeat the chew-swallow process again. A Chinese white olive is kept in the mouth and chewed slowly for about 20 minutes.  After chewing, swallow the dregs and spit out the stone. Chew 3 or 4 Chinese white olives this way successively at a time, twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon respectively, after meals. The patients of Chronic Pharyngitis should apply this recipe frequently over a period of time before it begins to exert desirable curative effect.

3) Persimmon frost (Mannosum Kaki)
Take 3g of persim. mon frost in three separate doses a day after dissolving it in warm water.

4) Water chestnut (Bulbus Heleocharis Tuberosae)
Have a number of water chestnuts washed clean, peeled and then wrung to obtain the juice.  Add a bit of white sugar for drinking.

5) Luohanguo (Fructus Momordicae Grosvenori)
Have some Luohanguo washed clean, pounded into pieces and then add water to make decoction; take out the decoction 30 minutes later and add water to make decoction again, and again  for the third time; put together all the decoction thus obtained  at three times and go on decocting, after removing the dregs, to make it concentrated. Stop decocting when it is getting slightly sticky and thick.  Wait for it to cool, add 500g of white sugar and mix thoroughly. Dry the mixture in the sun and grind it into pieces and keep it in a bottle for later use. Take 10g at a time, 3 to

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