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Distillate of Scrophularia Root and Radish for Removing Heat

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White radish, Radix Raphani  300g
Scrophularia root, Radix Scrophulariae (Xuanshen)  15g
Arctium fruit, Fructus Arctii   15g
Bee Honey (Fengmi)    80g
Rice (or millet) wine   20 ml

PROCESS: Have the radish washed clean and cut into slices; have the scrophularia roots and arctium fruits washed clean and soaked in the wine for later use. Put a layer of radish slices in a porcelain basin, and on this layer, a layer of scrophularia roots and arctium fruits; drench them with about 10g of honey; put 4 or 5 layers this way; add 20ml of cold water into the remaining honey, and pour it into the porcelain basin. Steam the drugs over a brisk fire for two hours with the drugs not contacting water and then stop steaming.

DIRECTIONS: Warm it up every day in a steamer for oral administration. Take it twice a day, 50ml of the distillate and 4 slices of radish at a time.

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