Honey for Reducing Excess Fire by Purgation for Pharyngitis

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Prepared Chinese rhubarb, Radix et Rhizoma Rhei (Dahuang)  60g
Bee Honey (Fengmi)    500g
Rice (or millet) wine  60ml

PROCESS: Have the prepared Chinese rhubarb washed clean quickly, soaked in the rice wine for an hour and put in an earthen-ware pot; add 1000ml of cold water and heat it over a slow fire for 10 minutes, then, filter out the extract of about 300ml; add 500ml of cold water, heat it for 10 minutes, then, again, filter out the extract of about 200ml and remove the dregs.  Put the above two extracts of the prepared Chinese rhubarb and honey into a porcelain basin, cover the basin to prevent vapour from entering. Steam it over a brisk fire for half an hour with the content not contacting water. Then, stop steaming, let it cool and keep it in bottles.

DIRECTIONS: Take 15 to 30ml at a time, once or twice a day, with hot boiled water after meals.
This recipe is suitable for patients suffering from extended Constipation accompanied with halitosis, dry pharynx and pain in the throat caused by stomach-heat.

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