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Decoction of Bupleurum Root, Capejasmine for Tinnitus

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Bupleurum root, Radix Bupleuri (Chaihu)  9g
Capejasmine, Fructus Gardeniae  9g
Trichosanthes root, Radix Trichosanthis (Tianhuafen)   18g
Water chestnut, Pulvis Heleodaris  30g
White sugar (right amount)

decoction of bupleurum root, capejasmine for tinnitus

PROCESS: Decoct the first three drugs in water; add the powder of water chestnut and white sugar after removing the dregs, then, boil it for oral administration.
DIRECTIONS: Take a dose a day, and 7 or 8 doses successively.
The above two recipes can be applied to patients manifested as the type of flaming up of liver-gallbladder fire.

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