Soup of Edible Fungus and Pig Lung for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Black edible fungus, Auricularia  30g
Peanut kernel with red husk, Semen Arachidis 100g
Pork lung   1
Refined salt  right amount
Rice (or millet) wine   right amount

PROCESS: Put the pig's lung, which has been washed clean and cut into pieces, and peanut kernels into a big earthen ware pot, add cold water to have them submerged.  After it has boiled over a high fire, skim off the froth and add two spoonfuls of rice wine. Change to stewing it gently over a low fire for an hour, and then, put in the black edible fungus, add a spoonful of refined salt, go on stewing it slowly for an hour and then, take it away from the fire.

DIRECTIONS: Take 500 ml at a time, twice a day.
The above recipes are applicable to the type of insufficiency of the lung-qi and the lung-yin.

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