Soup of Radish and Mutton for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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Mutton (from legs of a sheep or a goat)  1000g
White radish, Napus   500g
Carrot, Radix Dauci carotae  60g
Fresh ginger, Rhizoma Zingiberis Recent 3 slices
Peel of 2 tangerines, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae

PROCESS: Have the white radish, carrot, mutton washed clean and cut into cubes, put three spoonfuls of vegetable oil into a pan that is heated over a brisk fire; first, put in the ginger and fry it quickly after the oil becomes hot, then, put in the mutton immediately, stir fry it for five minutes, add three spoonfuls of rice (or millet) wine, fry it until it gives off fragrance, add half  a bowlful of cold water, go on heating so as to let it boil for ten minutes.  Ladle it out.  Put the mutton, carrot and dried tangerine peel into a big earthenware pot, add cold water to submerge all the ingredients; after it has boiled over a moderate fire, add a spoonful of rice (or millet) wine, one and a half spoonfuls of refined salt; change to cooking it over a low fire for half an hour, add the white radish.  Go on cooking it over a low fire for an hour; when the mutton, radish is thoroughly done, stop cooking.

DIRECTIONS: Discard the tangerine peel; take the rest with bread (or cooked rice). It is most suitable for eating in severe winter.

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