Treatment suggestion for hypertension(high blood pressure)

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Health Consultation Description: Hi Doctor, As Per doctors report I do not have any cardiac problem, I have gotn through aNGIGRAPHY ALSO , But i AM VERY SENSITIVE & HAVE MY BLOODPRESSURE SHOOT UP SOME TIME, HOW ACN i CONTROL IT. i AM TAKING tELMA 80H in morning & starpress XL 50 in evening

Expert Reply

Condition analysis:
Hi, Welcome.
I can understand the problems that a uncontrolled bp causes, which you must be going through.
You are taking good medications for bp but if bp is not yet controlled another drug can be added to it.
Telma can be changed to Telma -H. If still not controlled another drug can be added.

Cut Back on Salt: Reducing dietary sodium and salt helps lower the blood pressure. Some races like African-Americans along with elder people are highly sensitive to sodium and salt. Being sensitive means one has a tendency to retain fluid if taken (salt) in excess. It can be due to defect in kidneys that they are not able to get rid of sodium. In this process, body tries to dilute sodium in blood by conserving fluids, which forces the blood vessels to work harder to circulate additional blood volume. Therefore, it is especially advised to keep a check on sodium and salt intake to keep control on high blood pressure.

Feed on Potassium: Some hypertensive patients take diuretics that cause loss of potassium. Therefore, such patients are advised to consume banana on a regular basis to recuperate the lost potassium. Prefer foods that are high in potassium, but do not run for supplementary potassium as too much of it can be dangerous for heart. Foods that are rich in potassium are bananas, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, milk, etc.

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