Antibiotics kill the bacteria causing urocystitis(cystitis)

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Health Consultation Description: I went to the doctors about a month ago because I thought I had a water infection because of the fact I had to go to the toliet more regularly and I had a burning sort of sensation when I went for a wee. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and it went away within a day. Now it's returned and I believe to have something called Cystitis. Can anybody tell me anything about this and how I can get rid of it without going to the doctors again? This morning I kept needing the toliet and then just before I noticed that I had blood in my wee. I don't really feel as though I need the toliet every minute now, but I am scared about the blood. I also have two GCSE exams tomorrow and i'm scared that I will keep on needing the toliet during them. Do you think I should go to the doctors again if nothing has changed by tomorrow?

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Most people have written sensible answers to this question so I wont repeat what they have said, but I will add that by going to the doctor you will have a record that you were unwell, and this may help if you run into any problems during the exam and need it to be taken into consideration. The other thing to say is that when you go to the toilet, wiping from front to back can help to keep bacteria away from your urethra (where you wee from) and reduce further infections.

Antibiotics: Why they help: Antibiotics kill the bacteria causing the bladder infection. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if your infection is severe or prolonged. Antibiotics may not always be needed. In some cases, a minor bladder infection can resolve on its own. It might cause symptoms for a day or two, but with increased hydration and urination, it may pass.

Do this:
Call your doctor if your symptoms are persisting for longer than three days and are becoming worse. You may need antibiotics to treat your bladder infection. The length of treatment might vary, depending on the specific drug your doctor prescribes. It’s important to take your medication for the full course, even if you feel better before it’s done. Taking the full dose helps ensure that the harmful bacteria are out of your system.

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