Cranberry has been a natural treatment for urocystitis(Cystitis)

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Health Consultation Description: What do you know about cystitis and cystica prognosis?

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Cystitis cystica is frequently seen in Egypt as well as in other African countries (Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania) and some Asian countries where fresh water snails are functioning as an intermediate host for the trematode Schistosoma Haematobium. Once in the human body, the cercariae of Shistosoma Haematobium find their way to the urogenital tract. One of the pathognomonic signs is the presence of cystitis cystica in the bladder of an infected person. it responds to the treatment of Schistosomiasis which is Prazequantel 60 mg/Kg body weight (for an adult) However, the lesions might not disappear when well developed, since it is a form of central degenration in a granuloma.  

Cranberry juice: Why it helps: Cranberry has been a natural treatment for bladder infections for generations. According to recent research, cranberry juice and cranberry tablets have shown some promise as a remedy for women who frequently experience bladder infections. However, it’s not entirely clear whether cranberry juice really works for treating bladder infections in the larger population.

Do this:
Talk to your doctor about using cranberry juice as an alternative treatment for your bladder infection. Drinking it probably won’t hurt, but it might not help as much as you would like.

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