Cypress essential oil especially used for urethritis

Health Description
Health Consultation Description: I went to see a urolagist today and he gave me a uroscopy for scaring and said my ureathra is unremarkable but I have symtoms of urithritus and want to get some meds to try. I was prescribed tumolsin for prostate and i am supposed to go in for follow up in three months. I think I need to see another doctor who can give me some meds for urathrites

Expert Reply

Condition analysis:
Urethritis means infection of urethra.
Since Tamsulosin is for enlarged prostate ( for reduction in the size of prostate).
If urethritis then it is Non-gonococcal and usually self-limiting disease.
Oxytetracycline 500 mg capsule orally four times a day...

Cypress Oil:
Cypress essential oil or pine essential oil can be used in very small amounts when mixed in water and then applied gently to the urethral opening. The powerful antiviral and antibacterial components of these essential oils can rapidly clear up the infection and eliminate the pain.

A Final Word of Warning:
These natural remedies are recommendations based on anecdotal evidence and proven relief. However, given the many different causes of urethritis, it is always recommended to speak with a doctor and have a physical exam. Some of the infectious causes of urethritis can be more dangerous than others. Even if you are planning on taking a natural or herbal approach to treating the condition, a medical professional can point you in the right direction by helping you understand more about your specific case.

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