Drinking water will help you flush out urethritis infection

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Health Consultation Description: My urethra seems to be swollen and itches sometimes. I do have two types of Keratosis on my legs, back, arms, face, and stomach that also itches. I am wondering if it has gone into my Urethra. Is that possible?

Expert Reply

Condition analysis:
We can't say what you might have, only your doctor can, but some things that can cause inflammation and itching in that area can be:
Urethritis, which is an inflammation of the urethra that can cause pain and irritation. This is not the same as UTI (urinary tract infection).
Candida infection can cause itching and swelling in the vaginal and vulvar area and can affect the urethral opening. I don't know about the keratosis.

Remaining hydrated is essential, as you will likely feel the urge to pee much more often; drinking water will help you flush out the infection and return your body to normal, primarily when water is used in conjunction with a more formal medication or antibiotic.

Hot bath:
Soaking in a hot bath can soothe the inflammation and get rid of the pain you may be experiencing as the result of urethritis.  This stimulation of the body (no more than 15 minutes) can stimulate circulation, promote healing, and provide relief from the pain.

Less Caffeine and Alcohol:
These two substances have been directly linked with exacerbated symptoms of urethritis. By cutting back on the coffee and cigarettes, you will improve circulation, give your immune system a break, and lower inflammation throughout the body – including the urethra.

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