Green tea make it a perfect remedy for urethritis

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Health Consultation Description: After getting the meds from the doctor, how long dose it take for the urethritis to go away? when it says 2twice a day, dose that mean 12 hours apart? so like 9am to 9pm. cause I starts at 12pm and take it at 12am. since im up all night anyways. the 1st day takin them I took 2 at the same time. cause I got it wrong on how to take them. and my last question is, how do you get urethritis? I heard its from sex. but I haven't had sex for like 6months or so. dose oral count. cause the girl Im with is very clean. so like whats up? am I masturbating too hard?

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Condition analysis:
When a doctor gives you a script, it's up to you to ask these questions. don't just take the script without asking what it is, why you're getting it, how it should be taken, etc. You've got to be proactive about your health.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist about taking the meds. As for the cause, that should have been a question you should have asked the doc.

Cat’s Claw:
This somewhat uncommon herb has antibacterial and antiviral effects, making it a potent immune system booster that can help to recover quickly from a bout of urethritis. Cat’s claw can be taken in supplement form and is readily available in Europe and North America.

Green Tea:
The well-known antioxidant and immune-improving components of green tea make it a perfect remedy if you’re suffering from painful urination. If you drink 1-2 cups of green tea per day, the catechins and volatile components will get to work on your body, reducing inflammation and pain, while seeking out infections and neutralizing them.

Cranberry Juice:
The most commonly suggested remedy for any type of urinary tract infection is cranberry juice. Drinking a few glasses a day is highly recommended, as cranberries are able to prevent bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urethra. This interaction has been widely studied, which is also why cranberry extract is so popular, if you want a concentrated dose.

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